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Ok so now I've got back from New York, i've been thinking about my next trip...

only problem is i dont know where to go... anyone have any suggestions?

so answers on a postcard to...

New York City Day 4
I know this is overdue, but this is what i got up to on monday.

Started early, starbucks for breakfast again at about 8 to 8 30.

headed to penn station at madison square garden to get on the subway. got off the subway at chambers street. headed to ground zero, i've no idea what this area really looked like whilst the towers were there, except for photos and TV but straight away it hits you that you're standing in a place where thousands of people were murdered.

from here i walked to wall street, the home of new yorks financial district, the original federal hall, the new york stock exchange. federal hall was of course the place where Rage Against The Machine filmed the video for Sleep Now In The Fire and caused the stock exchange to close!

walked down to battery park and castle clinton. from here i would take the ferry to the most famous statue in the world... Liberty Enlightening The World (I prefer her full title)

once you get close to Liberty Island, she is huge and i mean HUGE. arriving at liberty island and looking up at her was another of the moments that sent the words "i'm in new york" screaming through my head. security to go into the statue is more strict that some airports they have a machine that blows air onto you and then "sniffs" to detect the aroma of certain explosives!

onwards to ellis island. this was once the place that all third class and steerage passengers from ships arriving in new york had to pass through before being admitted to the USA. in case you're wondering first and second class passengers were processed on board the ships (wouldnt want to inconvience them now would we!)

this is a great museum, i guess it would mean more to me if i had distant relatives who had passed through the island. you could tell some of the people there did, it must be very moving to walk in a relatives footsteps and see where they made their journey to becoming US citizens.

i'll finish this later

New York, NY day 3
Before i start i forgot to mention that last night i went to the Loews cinema at Times Square and to Planet Hollywood for dinner. Watched Smoking Aces...good film, even though at times the plot is a touch hollow!

anyway today...
Mcdonald's breakfast gotta love 'em!

headed up 8th Ave, aiming to reach Central Park, it's quite a walk! Came to the park at Columbus Circle and the Time Warner Center, thought to myself "i've been here before!"

now, i know what you're thinking...you're thinking "this is his first time in NYC, and he hasn't mentioned Columbus Circle yet" well my friends, it is, as usual, to do with a video game... namely Gran Turismo 4. The New York circut in the game passes thro Columbus Circle, and about 3/4 of the way around the statue of columbus.

then went for quite a walk in central park, yesterday i had skimmed the eastern edge of the park, today i explored a bit further. to have something as beautiful as central park in a city as large and as dominated by high rise steel and concrete, is incredible! its so peaceful"

then to the American Museum of Natural History, man is that place huge! i think its bigger than the met! dinosaur section was awesome! spent at least 2 hours in there!

decided to give some shops a serious browsing. btw the M&Ms store on times square is epic!

Me & A Yellow M&MCollapse )

went out this evening to the Laugh Factory. an amazing night of comedy all very funny indeed!

there was abit more today, but i wasnt interesting!

New York City Day 2
It's currently 7am...

Ok, yesterday was my first full day here, and boy quite a lot done! started off with breakfast at starbucks (ah, i'm on to you- you thought i was gonna say tiffany's, dont actually know if you can have breakfast there!). nice french toast bagel with philadelphia and a white chocolate mocha.

then on to the sites...

theres a lot so i'll simply list it.

Empire State Building;
New York Public Library;
Bryant Park;
Times Square (Toys 'r' us here is epic! also walked around some of the streets nearby here, past the Schubert Theater where Spamalot is on);
Rockefeller Center;
St Patrick's Cathedral;
Trump Tower;
FAO Swartchz (really cool toy store with one of those giant keyboards like in the movie "Big");
Central Park (only touched the East side of the park didnt go far into it, visited the famous zoo);
The Metropolitan Museum of Art (The Met was fantastic, some great artwork and sculptures, the Greek sculptures were especially good);
Took a walk over to Park Ave and then Lexington Ave, found a nice relatively small diner on Lexington, where i had a nice burger and a well earned bottle of Corona!;
walked quite a way down lexington, browsing one or two shops, bought a pair of Vans for $30 (on sale and remember how cool that exchange rate is!);
then got some good views of the Chrysler Building;
Grand Central Station (it's name isn't just a name it really is grand!)

i have to admit that New York is quite good for me, I'm doing a lot of walking which so i'm told is very good excercise! whatever that is!

see you l8r

New York, NY. USA Day 1
Hey, its currently 5 30 in the morning here in New York and I cant sleep, so I thought I'd wile away the hours by posting this!

Yesterday I made my way over the Atlantic, it's a long way! flew with US Airways from Manchester to Philadelphia. Now, I work with this airline every day and know the staff very well, they told me at check in that although they wanted to upgrade me to business class they couldn't as all the seats in business were taken. so I arranged with them for a window seat, with the aisle seat blocked off, and the seats in front of me also blocked off. Said my goodbyes to Mum & Dad, then went to departures. Flight was delayed about 50 minutes because of the conditions this side of the Atlantic. As I'm about to board the flight one of the staff calls me over and takes my boarding card and changes the seat from 7H (economy) to 1A! That's a business class seat and whats more its one of six seats on the aircraft which are lie flat! Awesome! I don't ever want to fly sardine class again! got to Philly only about 20 minutes late in the end after making up some of the time, was a bumpy ride to the terminal, they don't clear their taxiways very well there, at least at La Guardia they do!

Went thro immigration and customs knowing I had to get to the very opposite end of the airport (Terminal A to Terminal F) in under an hour. Went thro TSA security point and got told off for not taking my little bag of liquids out of my hand luggage to put it thro the X-Ray machine separately! Oops I think I should know better! at least the girl who had to take a closer look at my bag was quite cute!

Made it to terminal F in time for the start of boarding for my flight to New York, then realised my flight was delayed until 4 35 from 3 55. After the aircraft had arrived, and had got on, we still waited and the delay took us til about 5 20 at least.

Got to New York and the hotel at about 7 30 last night. The hotel is ok, its not the ritz but I didn't expect that, I won't be in here that much anyway tho!

Decided to go and look for some food and a drink, went to mcdonalds! Then went for a bit of a wander to find out whats around the hotel, walked to Madison Square Garden, past Macy's and up to Times Square! Which is absolutely massive and incredibly bright!

Anyway today I'm gonna go to the Empire State Building, all the way up, 102st floor! And around that area, maybe the Rockerfeller Center and Grand Central Station.

These Aren't Liquids...They're Fine Wines!
Is it just me or is Valentines Day the single stupidest day of the year?

OK, you may think that I express this opinion solely because I single. Not true

People make such a fuss over it, I really don't see the point. Why save all your romantic gestures for one clichéd day? Truly romantic gestures, in my opinion, are those that you don't show on Valentine's Day!

You could give your gilfriend/wife flowers any day of the year, why this one specifically? You can ask them to marry you on any day of the year, why this one? surely asking them to marry you on a significant day, like the anniversary of your first date or kiss? why do the same as everyone else?


Gosh, Andrew!
Hi there!

Yes, I know, yet another major gap between journal posts, but my life is just too damn boring!

Here's a catch up....since my last post i have:

watched some football
turned 22
got drunk whilst doing so
worked some more
booked a holiday to New York
eaten (alot)

so, now i have only a few days left before i go to new york, and as i am flying with the airline that i am (in my station managers words) the principle supervisor for, i may well kop for it somewhat! what i mean is that the agents whom i am responsible for on a daily basis have promised to: lose my bags; lock my bags with locks that have no key; search me and my baggage intrusively.

very nice people, i always knew they respected me!

also good to see everton playing quite well, and could someone explain to me why we have a +9 goal difference, this is very un-everton. IIRC we qualified for the CL with a 0 GD?


Mikel Arteta for player of the year!

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Please, Please spare the "where the F*** have you been" and "its about time you posted again" comments....

I realise that i have some what neglected my journal in recent months, now i can assure you all that the is a perfectly reasonable explanation for all of this neglect....

....well in truth there really isnt! i could tell you all that i've been busy at work, stressed out by work, busy worrying about my life, trying to find myself and a direction for my life etc etc... but that would be complete bolloxs and we all know it!

so i better fill you in abit. since i last posted, i have been at work, asleep (not at work), eating, watching everton beat sheff utd and luton at goodison, been to work a few more times and so on, basically not an awful lot.

i have however found a girl/woman who i feel really comfortable around, who it seems i have quite abit in common with, even if she is from a country that i'm not exactly sure where to find on a map! now i have to say that this girl is not my girlfriend, which somehow has become the popular belief at work (ben...please please change this) we've been out only a couple of times, had a good time, shared a joke or two, the usual

anyway, hopefuly i'll post again sooner than it took me to post this time


130 bottles of wine? pah...I think we coulda got more! part 1
Sorry that i've not posted for a while. work got a little crazy at the beginning of august and then 2 weeks ago i headed off to france on holiday with my parents.

now i know what you're thinking...21 holidaying with parents. let me fill in a few details which benyamin would no doubt do for me anyway if i didnt and will no doubt make humourous reference to as soon as he can!

back in december my parents told me they were planning to go the loire valley region of france this summer, and since they knew i probably wouldnt be able to afford a decent holiday. add to this the fact that the loire valley is my favourite place in the world...the river...the scenery...the chateauxs....the wine! and considering that it would cost me almost nothing i jumped at the chance!  downside was that my parents have a caravan, and its only for 2 people to sleep. so it was obvious i'd need a tent or something similar. got a tent and an inner tent which goes inside an extension to the caravans awning.

so my family has a caravan...and as a huge top gear fan, it is quite hard to admit this fact. add to this that my mother changed her car in may to a kia sorento 4x4 you probably guess how shocked me and ben were when top gear went caravanning using a kia! have to say this ones slightly better at pulling the caravan! but i wish to make no further reference to said car manufacturer!

so off we went

days 1 & 2 (travelling)
so after an overnight stop in folkstone, it was onto a ferry to dunkerque, what was wrong with going to calais i've no idea! must've been cheaper to dunkerque. then  from their a nice long drive in heavy rain to reims in the champagne region of france for a couple of nights. put up the awning and inner tent in torrential rain, truly awful.

day 3 (Reims)
the next day we went off to see reims and sample some champagne. first stop was the abandoned buildings of the old reims motor racing circuit. an amazing place some of the buildings are being restored on the outside and look impressive. then  into reims. catherdral, obligatory statue of joan of arc (a must have for any french town) and some other sites. then to epernay, home of most of the big champagne houses,  moet, lanson and the likes. went on a tour of moets caves they have 17 km of caves to store their champagne, thankfully i didnt see all 17km of it! then  to a small village of hautvillier (and please dont ask me how you pronounce that cos i dont know) which apparently was the home to a monk called dom perignon who it is claimed to have first created champagne as we know it. apparently. tried some champagne. bought 6 bottles.

day 4 (travelling incl le mans)
next day another long drive in the rain. down to the town of saumur in le val de loire. via le mans. and yes down the hunadieres straight towards mulsanne round the mulsanne corner and also round arnage and indianopolis corners. all of which is public road. and in a kia towing a caravan! what would clarkson say?
as we got closer to our destination, my childhood holiday memories of this part of the world flooded back...

2moro i'll post part 2

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johnson, everton
today i was told that everton are flying from manchester airport to the USA on monday, on the airline i spend mos tof my time working with! Now this may seem to be just another rumour like "everton linked to gravesen (again)" but i found this out from the station manager of the airline they will fly out with so i think its quite reliable. they wanted to make sure that everything ran smoothly during mondays operation.

about now the evertonians among you might be thinking "wow, you get to ask david moyes some really annoying questions" but no...i'm on monarch instead! damn it.

trying to get a swap so i can be there, downside is that the flight is overbooked by at least 17 passengers! its totally rammed!

anyway i shall keep you all informed!

and no, i will not be passing on any special messages to The Boys


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